Brian Kelly, Berlin’s best looking tattooer. Available for walk-ins when time permits. write to for appointments or call the studio at +49(030) 49080582

Nautical SleeveRats get fat while good men dieWoman in rose, chestpieceTattooed praying handsCompass and swallow on handBlowjob butterflyCunnilingus butterflyThe LoversDagger and rose on kneeSwallow and compasshollywood indianTattoo style Mom portrait on handRose on hand tattooShaking hands chest pieceBird, lighthouse, steamshipButterfly, scissors, mirrorDeath heads moth on neckPippi Longstalking sleeveSwallow tattooRose on elbowSailor Jerry AnchorPharaoh's horsesGypsy GirlPatchwork SleeveBear eating a rose ditch tattooSailor Jerry redraw, never give upTattoo style grandma portraitWolf in sheep's clothingApe hand tattooClassic Pinup GirlPinup girl with wings and anchorPinup girl with rose and bloody, berlin,, berlin,, berlin,, berlin, new traditional,, classic, neotraditional,, berlin,, berlin,, berlin, neotradiitionalman.beard.dagger berlin,, berlin, roman,, berlin, tattoo.newtraditional,, berlin,, berlin, neotraditionalindiangirl.healed.native.traditional, berlin, tattoo.newtraditional, neotraditonalbackpiece.anchor.girl.swallows.roses.traditonal, berlin, classic, tattoo.newtraditional,, berlin, new traditional, neotraditional,, berlin, sand clock, neotraditionalrose.morph.heart.dagger.traditional, mash up, berlin, tattoo.newtraditional,, neotraditional,,, berlin, neotraditionalsand, berlin,, berlin,, dog, berlin, nerd, neotraditionalfisti cuffs, berlin,,, neotraditonal, berlin