The Cut-Ups: Tattoo Flash from the Third Mind preview

Click HERE to get a preview of Brian Kelly’s new book of tattoo flash, The Cut-Ups: Tattoo Flash from the Third Mind from Schiffer Books. This book features over 100 pages of tattoo flash using the innovative cut-up method, which splices and interweaves traditional tattoo flash motifs into new and unexpected designs. Inspired by Dadaist literary technique and borrowing from the spirit of collage, these brush-painted and spit-shaded designs are traditional in style and method but wholly original in their combinations and juxtapositions. Traditional images–roses and ships, eagles and daggers, hearts and skulls–become dynamic and surprising, nearly dreamlike and yet deeply familiar. The collection grew out of Kelly’s MFA thesis, which he continued to refine at The Rose of No Man’s Land tattoo studio in Berlin. This is an excellent inspirational resource for tattoo artists, apprentices, and anyone interested in traditional or neo traditional tattoo style.


“This amazing collection is a must-have addition to any serious tattoo reference library. And it’s also great fun and all around educational entertainment for anyone even vaguely interested in visiting the beautiful, humble folk art roots of tattooing’s current explosive mainstream popularity.” – Jonathan Shaw,  author of Vintage Tattoo Flash, Vol.1 and 2

“The art of Brian Kelly is a truly unique take on American traditional. Sultry and sexy with just the right amount of dark humor. Bold and contrasted classic designs showcasing the roots of modern tattooing. Immediately grabs your attention in a sea of flash. Look as good on the wall as it does in the skin!- Shane Wallin, owner and operator of Garnet Tattoo in San Diego

“A magnificent collection. This has the past, the present, the future, and plenty of the most critical ingredient- revelry.”
– Jeff Johnson, author of Tattoo Machine, Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life In Ink

About the Author

Brian Kelly began tattooing in 2002, founding the Brian Kelly Army in the same year. He lives in Berlin and tattoos at the world-famous Rose of No Man’s Land tattoo studio. His cut-ups developed out of his MFA thesis at the National University of Ireland Galway.