Tattoo Flash Collective is now selling Brian Kelly Tattoo Flash!

tattoo flash, traditional tattoo, tattoo flash collective, brian kellyTattoo Flash Collective is now selling Brian Kelly’s Tattoo Flash

From artwork to printing to shipping, Tattoo Flash Collective (TFC) is a project run 100% by tattooers and individuals in the tattoo industry. TFC values the hard work and talent of the invited artists and also provides a unique platform for purchasing flash.

Flash is an important part of tattooing’s history. Whether you are an artist looking for tattooable designs, a collector, or a customer looking for inspiration (or just want art to hang on your walls!), TFC has you covered. Complete flash sets are often pricey and may contain several sheets you are not directly interested in. Through TFC, you can order single sheets—from one or multiple artists—and get exactly what you are looking for. Buying one sheet or mixing-and-matching has never been so easy.

Each sheet is printed with the highest quality materials and shipped in protective casing. Although TFC represents tattooers from around the globe, the tattoo flash is made 100% in the U.S.A. Because TFC is run by artists, they pay attention to details and each flash sheet comes printed with the associated line drawings on the back of each sheet.