One shot rip piece

Flight attendant tattooNoemi came to me about 5 years after I made a previous tattoo for her.  She had a rough sketch, but was open to me making changes and knew I would make it better.  The one thing she was certain about was that the eyes should be closed, “Like she is dreaming”.  

Noemi had no doubts she could make the tattoo in one session.  My colleagues did, however, and Fabian won 3 beers because I finished it.  All in all it was a fun tattoo, especially while she cursed in Italian and convulsed on the bed.  It reminded me of The Exorcist.  When I asked Noemi if she would have chosen a different spot for the tattoo or have done anything different if she would have known how bad it would hurt, she replied, “I would have done it it two sessions”.

Oh, and the blood drops were a random idea from me, that Noemi thought I should include.