New Ben Corday inspired Brian Kelly t-shirt!

Ben Corday inspired Brian Kelly t-shirt

Brian Kelly was inspired to create the painting for this t-shirt from an often imitated and appropriated (aka stolen) image originally used by the legendary tattooer Ben Corday. Printed locally in Berlin at Black Ink Press, a few blocks from The Rose of No Man’s Land in Neuk├Âlln. Black Ink Press have really outdone themselves with the quality of this print, and if you need a t-shirt printed, they are highly recommended. Printed on Stanley/Stella unisex Rocker T-shirts. You can grab one of these sexy t-shirts for only 20 euros! Women and men and everybody in between will find you more attractive when you wear Brian Kelly!

Available to be picked up in The Rose of No Man’s Land or order directly from Brian Kelly’s shop, and the best part is, FREE SHIPPING IN GERMANY!