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One shot Sailor Girl tattoo with a lighthouse

Sailor Girl tattoo on Marten, completed in one session.  Marten is one of those easy going customers who supplies enough of an idea but doesn’t try to micro-manage the entire design and tattoo  I had […]


PG Mermaid Tattoo with Trident

PG Mermaid tattoo with a trident, because not everyone likes tits on their arms.  Speaking of tits, yes, the mermaid has a bellybutton, you just can’t see it. The last time I tattooed Karla, I […]


Brian Kelly Tattoo Flash volume 2

The newest collection of tattoo flash by Brian Kelly is available from Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash. 80+ pages of goodness.  Click the link and buy it!  A great book to travel with and a bargain at […]


Traditional Rose Tattoo as a Cover Up

This traditional rose tattoo was really fun, but seemed like it could be a nightmare.  The customer made an appointment to get a 20 year old blob of a tattoo on her shoulder covered up. […]


One shot rip piece

Noemi came to me about 5 years after I made a previous tattoo for her.  She had a rough sketch, but was open to me making changes and knew I would make it better.  The […]


Pirate Jesus wept too, Motherfuckers

Nicklas came in and got this awesome Pirate Jesus the other day.  It was a lot of fun and I learned that holding onto your nuts makes the tattoo hurt less.  Come by The Rose […]


Even Mermaids love Ice Cream

Right before I began this tattoo, Michael asked me to remove the bellybutton.  He thought mermaids were fish.  Thankfully, I had wasted part of my life already answering this question.  While they appear to be […]


Help Brian Kelly win 10,000 dollars!!

“We believe our differences are what make Etsy such a special place. There’s a different story behind every shop on Etsy. The Etsy Small Business Contest gives each and every one a chance to share […]


Brian Kelly in Minneapolis!

Brian Kelly will be at Twilight Tattoo from February 24th to March 1st.  Very limited time available.  Email for appointments or just a chance to come by and say ‘Hi’


Brian Kelly in San Diego!

Brian Kelly will be working in San Diego, with the talented Shane Wallin at Garnet Tattoo from February 9th-22nd. Email for appointments.